dann kingsley, director, a kingsley at the ksu studio, in the style of ilford fp4 plus, zack snyder, rollerwave, hercules seghers, movie still, antoine verney-carron, light academia --ar 84:101
one of the men works on a film with his camera, in the style of rusticcore, modular, black and white realism, francesco borromini, adventurecore, thx sound, walter langley --ar 13:16
Vitaly Kazanin black and white photo of a person using a video camera, in the style of transportcore, cinematic sets, leica cl, unreal engine 5, inlay, high-angle, florentine renaissance --ar 3:4
Vitaly Kazanin a man with a camera attached to him in the back of a car, in the style of cinematic stills, intricate blackwork, dau al set, christcore, modular, roguecore, candid celebrity shots --ar 119:128
the production of a documentary on the subject of islam in the mesopotamia | adrian robert fs, in the style of dynamic lighting, frostpunk, ilford fp4 plus, security camera, capturing moments, industrial urban scenes, action-packed scenes --ar 3:4
Vitaly Kazanin with Blackmagic Ursa mini shoot car documentary


How I Can Help You

Director of Photography (DoP)

As a Director of Photography, I blend artistic vision with advanced technical skills to craft compelling visual narratives. Collaborating closely with directors and creative teams, I ensure every scene is lit and framed to perfection, capturing images that elevate the storytelling process.

DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)

Ensuring that every frame captured on camera is technically flawless and post-production ready, I provide expertise in digital workflow management, secure data storage, and stringent quality checks. As a DIT, my role is pivotal in preserving the director's vision from onset to the final edit.

Color Grading

Using sophisticated color grading techniques, I enhance and refine the visual appearance of each project, bringing images to life and establishing immersive moods. My goal is to accentuate the emotion of every scene, guaranteeing a consistent and professional final look.

Vitaly Kazanin

Based in Milan, Italy, I am a dedicated cinematographer and DaVinci Resolve colourist with a keen eye for visual storytelling.
Originally from the vast landscapes of Russia, I moved to Italy at the tender age of 15. My journey began in the realm of computer technology, a field for which I've always held a deep passion. This technological inclination paved the way for me to seamlessly combine the roles of a cinematographer and colorist, culminating in my evolution as a DIT.
Subsequently, I ventured into the catering industry as a Store Manager. This chapter of my life polished my communication skills and taught me to thrive in high-pressure, fast-paced environments. Yet, I felt a pull towards a more creative pursuit.
Guided by this inner calling, I rekindled my passion for photography, investing time to master its nuances. Over time, my focus shifted to cinematography, where I found my true calling. Today, I have the privilege of collaborating with esteemed directors and communication agencies from around the globe.
I pride myself on being direct, pragmatic, and committed to my craft.

Available for remote grading sessions.

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tel. + 39 320 350 37 60
mail. kazaninvitaly@gmail.com

Director of Photography / Cinematographer based in Milan (Italy) working in Commercial,

TV and Movie Industries Director of Photography Italy – Cinematographer Italy

Colorist Milan / Colorist based in Milan (Italy) /Digital Colorist

Dit Milano/Digital Imagine Technician Milano

Dit Italy / Data Manager Milano / Data Manager Italy